I’m so thrilled to offer multiple variations of my work for purchase. Email me at laura.oxendine@gmail.com if you have any questions. Thank you for your continued support!


While the final image is one of pure abstraction, the work you see on this site starts from an original photograph. This is a series that I have been refining for over 10 years, and early iterations were much more simplified color fields. As the series continues to develop, the story of the original source material bubbles to the surface more and more. The work is somewhat oxymoronic in nature, in that while completely digital, there is a very handworked quality to the movement and the shapes – digital painting, if you will. The final image is printed directly onto aluminum. The metal print is super slick and modern while still retaining the spirit of the handworked gestures. The color is vibrant and rich.

Email me at laura.oxendine@gmail.com to place your order. Payment via Paypal. Contact me if you want your image to be used as source material for your print. Would love to tell your story through my process.

Here you can see the metal edge and backing.