lauraLaura Oxendine is a multidisciplinary artist reaching into photography, video, motion design, live performance and poetry. She is a lover of bold color choices with a heavy emphasis on abstraction. She holds an MFA from the School of Visual Arts (NY, NY).

PULLS is a series that is oxymoronic in that they feed off a tension between the organic and the digital. The final product is a purely digital piece that uses original photographs as source and is “hand painted digitally.” All of the movements and shapes visible in the work represent hand movements with a mouse and are carefully honed to convey a sense of movement, of action, of confidence. The process becomes quite reactionary, in that, there’s an exercise in saying “this movement works, and (maybe more importantly) this one does not.”

The work is printed on an aluminum plate that both gives the final product a modern feel while the process of infusing the image into a metal plate adds a viscosity to the color.  The video work takes this process one step further to bring literal movement into the images in combination with text and sound.